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ALC Book Review | The Safe Place

July 24, 2020
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by Anna Downes

When striving actress Emily loses her temp job, she’s at a loss on what to do next. She’s no longer close to her adoptive parents and her acting career is at a stand-still. It’s not surprising when her ex-boss, Scott, offers her an opportunity as a personal assistant (of sorts) for his wife (in France!), that she immediately jumps on a plane. Emily quickly develops a relationship with Nina (the wife) and their shy yet strange little daughter, Aurelia. With no internet connection nor phone reception, you’d think Emily would be worried for her safety. But in the peaceful oasis that Scott and Nina’s home, Emily feels safe and secure….but for how long can a home of practical strangers continue to be The Safe Place?

Emily is a hot mess which, quite honestly, I totally related to. We’ve all had those days where the domino effect of “bad” things happen. So when her ex-boss offers her this amazing opportunity to live at his home in  France and simply be a personal assistant (of sorts) to his wife and daughter, I can’t say I would have done it differently than her.

Told from multiple perspectives, I found “The Safe Place” to be both interesting and predictable. I have been on a thriller kick lately, which could possibly have added to my ability in knowing what was coming. I enjoyed Anna Downes’s writing style and she truly kept me hanging on her every word. The reader found themselves rooting for Emily, even though sometimes she just made some really stupid decisions. 

The ending, however, was a bit of a letdown. It was a little too expected. There was just something missing in this for me.  Once you discover the “big thing,” the story somewhat fell downhill from there. 

Even though I don’t think “The Safe Place” quite met its potential as Anna Downes’s debut novel, I did think it was a decent read. If you’re looking for a solid thriller and a quick read, this would be a great choice.

Anna Downes was also the author of this audiobook, which I found to be a lovely surprise.

Thank you, Anna Downes and Macmillian Audio for this gifted copy.

Everyone was carrying something, she was beginning to realize. The world was a much darker and more complicated place than she’d ever thought.”

Anna Downes, The Safe Place

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Minotaur Books; July 14, 2020; 352 pages; Thriller

AUDIOBOOK DETAILS: Macmillian Audio; July 14, 2020; 10 hr, 32 min

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