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ALC Book Review | The Safe Place

July 24, 2020
Audiobook on cellphone with beats headphones by Jess Pierron

by Anna Downes

When striving actress Emily loses her temp job, she’s at a loss on what to do next. She’s no longer close to her adoptive parents and her acting career is at a stand-still. It’s not surprising when her ex-boss, Scott, offers her an opportunity as a personal assistant (of sorts) for his wife (in France!), that she immediately jumps on a plane. Emily quickly develops a relationship with Nina (the wife) and their shy yet strange little daughter, Aurelia. With no internet connection nor phone reception, you’d think Emily would be worried for her safety. But in the peaceful oasis that Scott and Nina’s home, Emily feels safe and secure….but for how long can a home of practical strangers continue to be The Safe Place?

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