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JP sitting in brown leather chair with white and black pillow reading Pax Samson Vol 1 The Cookout
Fantasy Reviews

ARC Book Review | Pax Samson Vol 1: The Cookout

By Rashad Doucet and Jason Reeves My best friend’s son (JP) is a big reader. He loves comic-style books, action/adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. He also loves sports and is just an all-around cool kid. I was THRILLED when Oni Press sent over…

March 16, 2021
Jess Pierron with kindle for musical chairs
Reviews Women's Fiction

ARC Book Review | Musical Chairs – Amy Poeppel

Bridget has been dreaming of a romantic holiday in her raggedy Connecticut home with her boyfriend Sterling. But her quiet summer plans change when Sterling dumps her via email, her adult twin children “need” to come back home, and her eighty-something composer of a father suddenly announces…

June 10, 2020