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August 10, 2020
Audiobook of Roomies by Christina Lauren by Jess Pierron

by Christina Lauren

For months Holland Bakker has taken the subway, even when she hasn’t needed to; and cue hot musician in the subway station. Nervous as heck to talk to this Irish stranger, fate steps in and Calvin Mcloughlin to the rescue. In order to pay him back for his chivalry, Holland gets Calvin an audition with her Broadway Musical Director uncle. Calvin nails the audition, but when offered the part, he declines for lack of US citizenship. Seeing that her uncle needs Calvin as much as Calvin craves this dream opportunity, Holland impulsively marries this Irishman (keeping her long-time lust for him hush-hush) as they navigate a false marriage while being Roomies. As the relationship evolves, Holland and Calvin begin to realize maybe this marriage shouldn’t be just pretending…

Christina Lauren did it again for me. Earlier this year I read The Unhoneymooners and immediately fell in love with this duo. I was so excited when I got the chance to listen to the audiobook of Roomies. As not only a music lover but a big fan of Broadway as well, I so enjoyed the theatre dynamics and details in this story.

Okay…on to the good stuff. This was a fantastic feel-good romance. The perfect amount of laughing, swooning, and out loud exclamations. There were a few plot and character holes (i.e., how old are these people?) but they were so easy to look past. I enjoyed the love-drunk Holland and the audiobook accent for Calvin was *chef’s kiss*.

The other relationships in this book were spectacular. Holland and her deep connection with her uncle and his husband were beautiful. I enjoyed Holland’s relationship with her brother. Dynamics between Holland and her since-college BFF were super relatable. Sometimes friendships come and go – they’re there for seasons, reasons, and (if you’re lucky) lifetimes. I appreciated that not all relationships in this were rainbows and butterflies.

Also, if you’re a music person, this would be a sweet rom-com up your alley. Holland is an aspiring writer but has always found herself observing or working with her uncle at the theatre. She has a deep appreciation for music and how it gives you all the  feels

With a few steamy scenes (nothing super explicit), this was a delightful rom-com. Calvin was the perfect amount of dreaminess and Holland was self-deprecating just enough.  Hey Christina Lauren, you found your newest big fan.

But this…writing about how it feels to listen to music, to have found him – it almost feels like I’m writing a description of how my organs work together, what keeps me breathing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this before.

Christina Lauren, Roomies

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Gallery Books; 5 December 2017; 368 pages; Women’s Fiction – Chick Lit

AUDIOBOOK DETAILS: Simon & Schuster Audio; 5 December 2017; 10 hours; Narrator – K.C. Sheridan

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