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Book Review | Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

May 27, 2020
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As physics professor Jason Dessen walks to his Chicago home, he is held at gunpoint, injected with a mystery drug by a masked man, and then awakes to foreign surroundings; however everyone else seems to know him. Dark Matter blends together the genres of thriller and science fiction in a delicious cocktail of the unknown. The readers follow as Jason uncovers the mysterious masked man, navigates his new environment, & ventures on the ultimate quest of identity.

This was my first reading experience in the land of science fiction and it did not disappoint. Blake Crouch did a fantastic job of building layer upon layer throughout the storyline. Without a doubt this book explores the nature of identity and physics, making the worlds of science and self collide. The beauty of this book was just when you think you’ve got it, when you think you’ve wrapped your brain around where this book is taking you – Crouch adds a new spin! Even though science is not necessarily my preference, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. 

The audiobook by Penguin Random House Audio was well done. Narrator Jon Lindstrom did a fantastic job in his delivery of our protagonist. Lindstrom can also be found narrating Crouch’s other novel “Recursion.”

If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are the core components that make me me?

Dark Matter | Blake Crouch

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Crown; July 26, 2016; 342 pages; Thriller–>Science Fiction

AUDIOBOOK DETAILS: Penguin Random House Audio; July 25, 2016; 10 hours (approx.); Thriller–> Science Fiction

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